Recent Before & After Photos

Cleaning Up A Vice

This cast iron vice was restored following a fire. The fire heavily effected a business's contents. You can notice all the black soot that coated the cast iro... READ MORE

After the fire hits your business

This tool box and its contents were cleaned in our ultrasonic machine. Our ultrasonic machine is large enough to dip items into. The unit is about as big as a ... READ MORE

Cleaning Up After A Water Loss At Your Business

We have the equipment to be able to dry commercial spaces after a water intrusion. These pictures show a commercial area when first arrived after a water intru... READ MORE

When Water Damage Strikes Your Business

This commercial carpet in the stairwell was affected by a water line that broke. We came in and quickly removed the excess water with our equipment and then se... READ MORE

Residential Fire

This residential fire started from the stove. It caused damage to the cabinets as well as smoke and soot damage throughout the whole house. The home owner used ... READ MORE

Content Restoration

Structure fires strike quickly and often leave a great deal of destruction for home and business owners to deal with. SERVPRO crews not only clean and restore y... READ MORE

When Tornadoes Hit

This family’s home suffered serious damage after a recent Tornado. Thankfully they called SERVPRO and we were able to help them and several other families... READ MORE

When Torrential Rains Come

Torrential rain and storms came through our area and caused tremendous damage throughout the area. This home was caught in the bad weather and had a tree go thr... READ MORE

When Fire Attacks Your Home

This home had a stove fire causing damage to the stove, counter tops, and cabinets above the stove. While the fire itself was contained in the kitchen, it cause... READ MORE

When Storms Attack

Severe thunderstorms with heavy rain came through and caused extensive damage to homes and businesses throughout the area. This residence was impaled through t... READ MORE